Accepting the Nomination

A. Joseph Ross
Mon May 24 00:44:26 EDT 2004

In covering the story about the possibility that John Kerry may delay accepting the 
nomination until several weeks after the convention, I haven't, so far, heard anyone in the 
media mention the fact that the candidate's acceptance speech at a political convention is 
actually a recent innovation, begun by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Before that, the candidates didn't even come to the convention.  The convention would 
appoint a committee to go and inform the candidate of his nomination and ask if he would 

I once read a story that when the committee found Abraham Lincoln to inform him of his 
nomination, he was playing in a baseball game, and he wouldn't see them until he had 
finished his turn at bat.  I'm not sure I believe this, since he would have been over 50 at the 

I suppose the failure of the media to put this in historical perspective may be partly due to 
the fact that nobody at the media knows their history.  But I would have thought the print 
media, at least, would do some research.

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