Rê : How Long Has This Been Going On?

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild Kaimbridge@programmer.net
Sat May 15 15:34:34 EDT 2004

Our one and only Laurence Glavin wrote,

> From time to time, it has been mentioned on LTAR at least
> that WCAT-AM 700 Orange/Athol has been broadcasting in
> Spanish.  Today (05/14) I happened upon the 700 dial spot,
> and WCAT-AM was English-language talk, specifically the
> Sean Hannity show;  I waited for a station ID and it
> went something like "WGAW, Gardner, WCAT, Orange-Athol".
> So now AM 700 seems to be duplicating AM 1340 in Gardner
> (not likely the other way around since WGAW is full-time);
> so I ask: how long has this been going on?

Since 29 Apr., when I noted the Red Sox (English) on (and either that
morning or the morning before I *did* hear them, still with Spanish).
And, yes, ever since the switch they've been on 24/7 (carrying sports
talk in the overnights), w/day power, completely obscuring WLW
think someone should drop THE BIG ONE an e-mail, advising them of the
unlawful interference? P=)
BTW, speaking about WLW in the overnight, The Truckin' Bozo, Dale
has retired on disability and his son, Steve (not, nor any relation to,
WFAN's talk host)--who had been doing weekends--is now the show's
weeknight host, and the new weekend host, Eric "Bubba Bo" Boulanger,
sounds (voicewise) just like 'RKO's Pat Whitley!
I just found an article about "Bubba Bo" (who, apparently, is trying to
tinker with the show's format ,and the listeners and the Sommers' are
none too happy!) and Dale's departure:


Likely related, 1.180-WHAM has dropped The Bozo show (returning to
to Coast AM"), leaving WLW and 1.170-WWVA as the only regional


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