Will Air America try to get a Boston station?

A. Joseph Ross lawyer@attorneyross.com
Wed May 12 22:51:09 EDT 2004

On 12 May 2004 at 17:39, rogerkirk wrote:

> Not having heard these shows myself, I am a tad reluctant to accept Mr.
> Goodwin's analysis at full face value.  Can anyone on the list confirm
> and/or deny?

I haven't listened for a couple of weeks, but when I did, I didn't find much in the way of 
offensive humor.  There was some humor, but it seemed tastefully done.  Certainly not off-
color, if that's what is meant by "offensive."  Of course, if "offensive" means critical of Bush, 
then I suppose it was offensive to those who take offense thereby.

As for vitriol, it seemed rather tame to me, except for one afternoon when one woman 
talkmaster was yelling at Ralph Nader about how awful it was that he was running, and not 
letting Nader get very many words in edgewise.  David Brudnoy or WBUR it isn't, but then 
neither is Limbaugh.
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