Howard on WBCN Delay

Jeff Lehmann
Tue May 11 20:56:37 EDT 2004

WBCN runs a lot more commercials. I listen to the show just about every
day on my trip down to UMass Dartmouth. I can start out listening on
WBCN, then once they go to commercials, I can flip over to WKKB 100.3,
and they'll already be back in the show. This will happen after about an
hour or so, once the extra commercials on WBCN really start building up.
The content on the show has never been different on WBCN than on WKKB.

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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Subject: Howard on WBCN Delay

Just passing through this morning...

As I traveled north, I had to switch from WCCC to WBCN.  First thing I
noticed was WBCN was running at least 10 minutes behind WCCC, so they
have some fancy new delay thingy.

Confirmed that a short time later during a segment where i think a lot
edits had to be made, and the audio got really strange, like a robot or
crappy web stream.

Is this a daily occurance? anyone else notice this?

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