Louis Rukeyser's Condition More Serious Than Earlier Thought

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Sat May 8 13:34:18 EDT 2004

I mentioned earlier that Louis Rukeyser has been a no-show
on "Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street" for several months.
This would be of some interest here, because when the
PBS Network honchos declared him passe (supply your
own accent over the 'e'), he decamped to CNBC, whereupon
several PBS outlets including Boston's WGBX-TV  and 
New Hampshire PTV picked up the show minus the commercials
(mustn't allow advertising on public television, only
acknowledgements). Last fall, when Lou said he'd be
absent for a while, he referred to a back ailment...
not pleasant, but usually not life-threatening, like
what David Brudnoy experienced. Now some eight months later,
during the introduction to last night's (05/07,
sometimes referred to as music day because Brahms and Tchaikovsky were
born on that date, in 1833 and 1840 respectively)
"LRWS" on CNBC, guest host Bill Griffith (not the Globe
sports/media writer but a CNBC frontman) gave more
details about Lou's condition.  When Lou went to
the Mayo Clinic for surgery, it was discovered that it
was not just a garden-variety back problem, but a malignancy
that was causing the problem.  He has been under treatment
for that condition since the fall, and doctors say
that although the malignancy seems to be in remission,
Lou will need a few more months to recuperate.  I 
wonder how long WLIW-TV, Long Island, NY will be able
to maintain its current network of PBS outlets that
might want to do other things with this time if they can't
be assured of the host's return?

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