Interesting listening

A. Joseph Ross
Sat May 8 01:21:14 EDT 2004

As I was driving up I-91 today around Sunset, I was looking for a 
strong signal to listen to on the AM dial and found WHAM in 
Rochester, News Radio 1180.  It was as strong as a local station, as 
I drove north through Northampton.  

This reminded me of one time when I was in high school, in the early 
60s,and I happened to pick up WHAM one night.  At the time, they had 
a simulcast FM called WHFM.  When I heard the ID, I thought I'd found 
a station that somehow had two-letter base calls.  I thought they 
were WH-AM and WH-FM.  Eventually, I looked them up in White's Radio 
Log and found out what they were.  

Later, on the FM band, I found WRSI, Turners Falls.  They seem to be
playing an interesting mix of music, including some 60s oldies that I
haven't heard in years:  "He's a well-respected man about town" and a
Dylan song whose name I can't remember right now (at 12:47 AM) , but
it had some line about Lady Jane. The station IDed as WRSI Turners
Falls, WRSY, Marlboro.  I assume that's Marlboro, VT, not

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