Need info on contacts at Boston radio stations

Tue May 4 22:21:04 EDT 2004

I am a local musician named Epiphora, looking to get exposure for my
music.  While it would be great to get my music "on the air" I have
found that my material (currently instrumental) has been useful as
music beds for radio ads, voice-overs, and DJ intro/outros.  I'm
looking to launch this two-pronged attack, but I would like to
intelligently target the right personnel at the radio stations in
Boston so that my music doesn't end up in the trash bin immediately.

Can anyone tell me who is the appropriate person (i.e. title) at any
given station to forward my CD to, like Production Director or Music
Director?  Also, is there a readily available public source for this

I appreciate any help on this topic.


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