Opinion Piece On Air America Stirs Nasty Responses

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Thu May 6 13:13:45 EDT 2004

Hakim writes:

> That being said, what I hear so far on Air America,
> however (via Internet streaming), is pure and simple
> bad radio talent wise.

 I have checked out the network on WTWK Plattsburgh, NY (1070, 5kW D). Weak
signal south of Vergennes. Franken is absolutely abysmal from the POV of
execution of format, delivery, timing, etc. He works with a central casting talk
partner. She acts as technical host with Franken treated as the revered talent.
Doesn't work.  Attempting to listen to other dayparts is painful.  And I am not
even considering the political agenda they are attempting to promulgate.
Reminds me of an addage, sage advice from my radio youth by a radio veteran, "No
radio is far, far better than bad radio."

Bill O'Neill
Shoreham, Vt.

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