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rogerkirk rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net
Sat Mar 27 09:28:25 EST 2004

Caige <caigeadams@pacificcoast.net> asked:
>I'm a Canadian broadcaster in Victoria, BC.  When living back east, 
>the Boston area had a local sports broadcaster by the name of Upton 
>Bell.   What has become of him?  I always enjoyed his quick wit and
>his on air banter.  Would be great to hear some of his shows live over 
>the internet. 

Laurence Glavin replied:
>I don't think he has a regular on-air gig these days, but 
>just yesterday (03/24) he appeared on a talk show originating 
>at New England Cable News in Newton, Mass, discussing 
>gambling on college basketball. 

Last night, he was a guest on WBZ's Paul Sulivan Show.  He didn't mention any on-the-air gig, but WBZ has been scrupulous in their 
on-air censorship as of late.  Can't let profanity, the mention of a bare breast or (God Forbid) another station's call letters offend the ears of the public.  

He does appear to be involved in a company (Play It Again Videos?) that produces a videotapes of peoples lives.  It's "Your Legacy On Video Tape" or something akin to that.  He has, naturally, produced one of himself.  SOunds like vanity publishing taken to the next level.

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