103.7 and the Red Sox

Sean Smyth ssmyth@psu.edu
Fri Mar 26 22:10:12 EST 2004

I read on the Boston radio-info board about the sale of 103.7 to
Entercom for the purported WEEI simulcast. Talk there is centering about
whether or not the Sox will air on 103.7, especially since WPRO is the
Providence affiliate on the Sox radio network this year.

However, since WWRX is licensed to Westerly, couldn't Entercom still put
the games on 103.7? After all it (nominally) would be a Westerly
affiliate on the Sox network. (Granted, the 103.7 signal is quite strong
downtown Providence but it's also pretty strong throughout southern
Massachusetts as well.) If approached that way I don't think
WPRO/Citadel would have a leg to stand on - if Entercom pushed the
issue. Of course I haven't seen the affiliate contract nor the broadcast
rights contract so I could be speaking out of school.


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