So where does this put "Howard Stern via Satellite"?

Howard Glazer
Thu Mar 25 02:31:20 EST 2004

Scott Fybush wrote:

>the satellite signal is encrypted and is
> made available only to subscribers

Actually, you could listen to a sampling of XM programming forever
without paying a cent. When you turn on the receiver for the first time,
you'll be tuned to the "preview channel," Channel 1, which airs a looped
message telling you how to subscribe. If you twirl the tuning knob,
you'll find a half-dozen channels streaming away. These are real-time
feeds, which XM changes every few hours, and are available absolutely
free to anyone with a receiver and antenna. 

I don't know whether any of XM's explicit-language channels (rap, metal,
talk and comedy) ever make it into the rotation, though. If they do, I'd
imagine that could be the back door Washington could barge through to
enforce decency standards on satellite radio. Or has that back door
already been opened by XM's making free samples which COULD include
naughty language available?


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