Almost on topic....just turn down the contrast and brightness and listen...

Ron Bello
Tue Mar 23 21:47:14 EST 2004

Neat site.

One odd thing......
Based on my home location in Natick,
WSBK has a compass orientation of
80 degrees while WSBK-DT is 72 degrees.
Their antennas are on the same tower.

At 06:57 PM 3/23/04 -0500, wrote:
>The following site will give you direct line distance and azimuth to TV
>stations within 100 miles of your location...(great if you are too cheap 
>to have
>cable like me)
>To keep it on topic, if a Radio station shares the same location (ALA Mt.
>Tom) this will show you where to swing your 500' dipole..........

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