Dish/DirecTV Quality (was Re: The Dish on Viacom)
Fri Mar 12 12:39:08 EST 2004

In my house we have DirecTV, standard basic Cable, a big 10-foot C/Ku dish, 
and we are within distance to pick up some of the Boston and Manchester 
channels OTA. And I have a high-end Sony TV so -- sometimes unfortunately -- 
I notice every nuance, for better or for worse.

The 10-footer has by far the best quality of all (no real big surprise 
there), even on the digitally compressed 4DTV channels. The OTA channels 
rank second and then for the most part, I prefer the Cable quality over the 
DirecTV. I'm sure that's probably because there is much less compression in 
the Cable than the DTV. So I do a lot of input toggling depending on what I 
want to watch. 

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