The Dish on Viacom

Matthew Osborne
Thu Mar 11 16:36:49 EST 2004

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 09:20:21 Mark Laurence wrote, in
regards to subscribers:

> DirecTV is number one with 12.1 million, but Dish is
> a strong number 
> two with 9.4 million, according to
> .  Dish's 
> rate of growth has been slightly ahead of DirecTV.
> Comcast should be scared out of their minds to see
> the number of 
> satellite dishes in my city neighborhood.

Silly sidenote to this: Has anyone on this list ever
compared the picture quality of a standard NTSC signal
from DirecTV to that of Dish Network?  I have, and it
appears that Dish Network's picture quality is worse
than that of DirecTV.  Not sure which digital
compression systems/ratios each may be using, but if
you compare the two there's a marked difference
between them, I've found.  Dish Network appears to be
nothing more than a higher resolution version of
streaming video that you would find on the internet. 
Has anyone else here ever noticed this, or am I going
out of my mind?

                              Matt Osborne
                              Poughkeepsie, NY

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