pirate operator fined

Dan C dwcole@comcast.net
Wed Mar 10 19:12:09 EST 2004

I would have chimed in earlier, but haven't downloaded my e-mail for the
past couple of days.

It is commendable that Mr. Ganley defends his brother...but it does not make
the action of operating an illegal station a justifiable act.  True, early
radio was the venue of all kinds of inventors and innovators.  But those
days are gone...radio has been regulated for decades...and that means there
are rules and regulations.
You can make all the statements you want about 'corporate radio"...and do it
legally.  A lot of extremely low power stations are on the air...and got
there by following the guidelines.  To put on a station that interferes with
legal broadcast operations is an irresponsible act...not one of protest.
And as for my putting my 'time, energy, and dollars' into what I
believe.....I do it every day.  I'm not in this business only for the money.
:)  I'm in it because ever since I built my first homemade radio when I was
9 years old and living in Newfoundland, it is what I wanted to do.
And I do it legally.

With respect,

Dan Cole

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