WSYY Tower in Jeopardy

Laurence Glavin
Wed Mar 10 17:07:45 EST 2004

I came across this story in my internet travels.  It's
not a momentous story, but interesting.  WSYY-AM 1240
near Millinocket, ME may not have a tower from
which to broadcast (there's an FM up there on 94.9 I believe).
Read all aboot it I mean about it (the place is crawling
with Canadians) at:

I had the opportunity to view this tower on a whitewater
rafting trip (the most fun you can have by a dam site)
a few years ago; the Penobscot IIRC.  There's a commercial
for a brand of SUV showing guys on a trip to Class V rapids.
The Penobscot has one and it was a cinch.  Our raft didn't 
tip over partially because it had me as ballast.

Laurence Glavin

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