The Dish on Viacom

Matthew Osborne
Wed Mar 10 15:30:14 EST 2004

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004 13:02:27 Bill O'Neill
<> wrote:
> So there you have it.  EchoStar pulling the plug on
> top market CBS locals along
> with MTVs, Comedy Central, Nick, and other basic
> cable offerings due to a
> disagreement with Viacom over pricing. 

I'm surprised this issue took this long to get posted
to this list.  Were it not for a major midtern exam I
had last night, I would've made a post about this
earlier.  I noticed about a week ago that Viacom
started inserting crawls on all of their owned
channels that they were being pulled off of
EchoStar/Dish Network in the near future, and to call
Echostar to demand that their stations be kept on the
system.  It appears, based on what I've read in the
news, that this is another squabble about prices to
carry stations that both parties have decided to go
over the top about.  We'll see how long this one takes
to get ironed out

                                Matt Osborne
                                Poughkeepsie, NY

P.S - Does this removal of stations mean that CBS O&O
over the air affiliates, such as WCBS-TV (2), are
being pulled off of Echostar as well, or is this just
the cable networks?

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