"Bozo Pirates"

Rick A Ganley rickganley@juno.com
Mon Mar 8 21:12:49 EST 2004

So a man is a "bozo brain" for running a glorified Mr. Microphone and
making a point about corporate radio; 

He played non-offensive material... interfered with no one... and turned
it down to part 15 levels when asked.

BTW, Dan, said "Bozo" has two business degrees, runs a couple very
successful companies and is one hell of a brother to me. We also spent
two years "fighting the good fight" at WDME. He knew he's lose... it was
the point that counted. I've been proud of my brother for many things
over the years... this is just one more example for me. So, Dan, how much
time, energy and $$$ are you willing to part with to make a statement for
what you believe?

Do your research before you blow your mouth off, sir.

-Rick Ganley

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