Bow to Stern

Bill O'Neill
Sat Mar 6 15:51:32 EST 2004

Is Stern stunting with regard to pending potential FCC fines against Viacom?
>From a purely business standpoint, wouldn't it take a boatload more of trouble,
fiscally, for Viacom to dump the highly rated morning show?

Satellite radio discussed on Stern Friday.  XM is a CC property. But...Sirius is
in need of a major shot in the arm.  A paucity of business compared to XM.  Even
if Stern went to Sirius, I don't think terrestrial radio would have too much to
worry about.  Until all cars have satellite integrated into the dash like FM did
in the 70s, it would be a minor league long shot for the highly compensated

Bill O'Neill

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