Portland talk show host dies

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Sat Jun 5 16:08:23 EDT 2004

> Mike died suddenly last night while visiting his family in
> Pennsylvania.  A
> Civil War buff, he was participating in a re-enactment.  Late
> last night he
> felt ill and died of a massive heart attack.  Only a few
> months ago, his
> younger brother also died of a heart attack.
> Mike was my co-worker for the past four years.  He was a good
> friend, a warm
> and friendly man.  We at the Portland Radio Group have lost a great
> individual...and we are the poorer for it.
> Mike leaves a wife and two daughters.
> Our thoughts are with them.
> Dan Cole,
> Morning anchor,

How horrible.  Our prayers go out to you, his friends, and his family.  I didn't
know Mike, but certainly knew of him and heard nothing but wonderful things
about him.  Please let us know if his family has any specific needs, if you can.
(Feel free to respond off-list, if you prefer.)

I lost my brother, Jim, in 1987 to a massive heart attack.  Jim was a year
younger than I, and was only 24, in good shape, liked to work out.  His greatest
quality was his total disinterest in radio and his unfailing ability to keep my
radio-vice in perspective for me.  It's losses like Mike's that tend to bring
back that reminder that we're just passing through.  Enjoy the ride.  It sounds
like Mike was doing what he loved right up to sign-off.

Bill O'Neill
Shoreham, Vermont

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