Pre-announcement announcement

Thu Jun 3 23:45:24 EDT 2004

I've tried RealPlayer, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Cool Edit Pro -
nothing recognizes the .ogg format!?!

-Gary's Ice Cream
Chelmsford, MA

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> I'm close to throwing the switch to open the new audio section in The
> Archives.  The new audio section has most (but not all) of the old
> audio clips, but now in higher quality and with better organization.
> There's also some new stuff, including a brand new WWRX Pawcatuck, and
> some old stuff that was never on the site before (including all of my
> "ID tape 5" from 1998, previously available only when sitting in the
> passenger seat of my car.
> There are still a bunch of things I need to find source tapes for,
> including a 'CBS-FM ID with a Ron Lundy jock shout and the whole WINY
> song (``1-3-5-O in Putnam! / News for you and music too, / The fun
> spot to be is on WINY! / This is WINY in Putnam!''), plus a number of
> old jingles received on tape from other people.  Likewise an old 'LNG
> ID from when the AM was still on the air.  There are also a few that I
> f---ed up while doing the editing for this collection that I need to
> pull off the original tapes.
> Doubtless I've gotten some of the flags wrong, or even worse.  (I just
> noticed that most of the Philly stations are still categorized as
> "miscellaneous Pennsylvania".)  Listen as much as you can to the
> classic station IDs of the mid-1990s: <>
> -GAWollman

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