LaPierre's Lips On The Loose

Thu Jul 15 17:09:51 EDT 2004

Yesterday's commentary from Gary was about the upcoming Democratic National Conveention and it's expected effect on Boston and it's residents.  Basically, he said we're all a bunch of cry-babys and should "suck it up" and take it in stride.  He compared dealing with the DNC (National Security and the Secret Service) to Bike Week in Laconia NH and said (I'm paraphrasing here) "They accept it, deal with it and make money in the process" - so Boston should do the same.

Aside from the fact that Bile Week in Laconia is an annual event that started smaller years ago and has slowly grown (although not without its problems) so that accomodation and planning ARE possible.  Plus 9/11 has had little affect on Laconia.

I find this exhortation to "suck it up" and "get over it" just a little strange - coming from a man who can avoid dealing with Winter in Boston by broadcasting from his home in sunny Florida.

I think perhaps Gary should drive from Laconia NH to WBZ every day at 6:00 pm  during DNC week.  

Can you say "attitude adjustment?"

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