Pattern Change songs

Scott Fybush
Sun Jul 11 22:16:36 EDT 2004

At 07:24 PM 7/11/2004 -0400, SteveOrdinetz wrote:
>  Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
>>And lets not forget WRNO Worldwide...from New Orleans.  Another expensive
>>attempt to do commercial rock and roll shortwave!
>Was that separately programmed, or just a simulcast of the FM?  I recall 
>hearing them a few times in the early 80s, and it wasn't obvious.

Yes. :-)

Sometimes they simulcast the FM, sometimes they were on their own. Joe 
Costello actually made some money off this one by leasing time, and I think 
he made a few more bucks when he sold it. (In any event, he definitely made 
some serious green when he sold the FM, which ended up with one of the big 


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