Jack Williams movie review

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Sat Jul 10 12:01:38 EDT 2004

 A.Joseph Ross wrote regarding whatever happened to Jay Scott:

> I wonder where he is now?

  Back in the Denver motel room where he was found. <g>

  I did read the Jack Williams review in the Globe yesterday. Loved that
1975 photo of Jack with all that hair.And the suit...people actually wore
clothes like that??? (Yes I did too, I must admit, in my teenage years at
the time). And his anchoring style hasn't changed in the 29 years he's been
at Channel 4. Never comes across as a pompous or egotistical anchor.
Delivers the news as if he talking to you and you alone IMHO.He has seen
many anchors and reporters come and go through the doors off 1170 Soldiers
Field Rd. (and in and out of the Boston market too). Also has seen many news
sets and slogans come and go too, yet Jack has been a constant through the
years. One of a dying breed of long lasting anchors in the market. Natalie
Jacobson has been with WCVB (Channel 5) for 20+ years, at WHDH -TV (Channel
7) Randy Price is the anchor who's been there the longest, and that's been
only 10 years, if that. He was at Channel 4 prior to his Channel 7 gig.

Mark Watson

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