Clear Channel to enhance radio ads with RDS

Bill O'Neill
Thu Jan 1 11:25:41 EST 2004

> Well, technically, the Naderites are right and as we have all
> seen, other
> motorist distractions, like the stereo dials, food, kids in
> the car, etc.,
> have caused more accidents than cell phones.

I've added "EMT" to what I do over the past year.  Having dealt with a decent
share of motorist crashes, (and it's all pretty much volunteer up here) I'm
not thrilled with yet another excuse for motorists not to do the best thing
and that's to just drive the car.  As with my other post, it sounds like the
visual display is not truly necessary for the whole deal to work.  A verbal
cue to act (voiced in the spot or by a sounder) could trigger the desired
action by the unwitting customer just as well as a couple of lines of scolled
text on a teenie screen next to the heater knob.

By the way, NY's hands-free rule went into effect last year.  (I have to
remind myself everytime I head over the border in Crown Point or Hampton.) The
jury is still out on the distractables in cars.

Bill O'Neill

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