LTAR To Air TWICE On Sundays

Laurence Glavin
Wed Feb 25 17:24:18 EST 2004

Bob Bittner announced on that "Let's 
Talk About Radio" will air TWICE each Sunday:
6:00 am and again at 11:00 am, all times Eastern.
He indicated that this weekend will be the inaugural
doppelganger broadcast, although the mighty 740 will
be still at 5 watts then.  (It goes F-U-L-L P-O-W-E-R
at 6:00 am starting Monday.)  I assume both will be the same 
show, so the need for a delayed airing of LTAR for those
out-of-town for the weekend still isn't being met.
Now if WJTO could carry it a week or two later as was
once the case, true zealots wouldn't mind the ride to the coast.

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