Fw: More FMs for Albany

Garrett Wollman wollman@khavrinen.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Feb 24 14:39:46 EST 2004

<<On Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:46:50 -0500 (EST), "SteveOrdinetz" <steveord@bit-net.com> said:

> I'm surprised you get a decent signal on 1540 in NYC...I thought they were
> directional NE.  The signal drops off real fast heading west...it's gone
> by the time you get to Amsterdam.  I'm surprised their day pattern isn't a
> bit looser...isn't the station they're protecting the 1540 in Iowa, or
> does 2nd adjacent WWKB (then WKBW) factor into it as well?

ZNS1 is the station that WPTR is protecting.


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