Article Re: WBOQ

Peter Murray
Mon Feb 23 22:00:04 EST 2004

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Laurence Glavin wrote:

> WBOQ has a new 6,000-watt transmitter?  Shouldn't its
> ERP be about 20KW?

WBOQ is a directional class A facility (136m, 3200W ERP), with a broad
null to the southwest, says the FCC CDBS (and a couple of less official
sources). The BRA disagrees, indicating the 3.2KW as a CP - it likely just 
has not been updated.

Radio-locator doesn't indicate the directionality in any way, which I find 
strange. Perhaps they have not updated their pattern calculation.

In any case. it's ERP is well under 20KW in *any* direction.

-Peter Murray (N3IXY)
in Boston tomorrow through Sunday(!)

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