WBZ is off the air....If a tree falls in the woods...Does itmake a sound?

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Sat Feb 21 14:22:54 EST 2004

>DATE: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 13:44:32
>From: RogerKola@aol.com
>To: boston-radio-interest@rolinin.BostonRadio.org

>Hi Larry and the group ...a search of the FCC site >revealed this...if the 
>link will work from outside of my search...It shows , >along with a lot of other 
>info, that there are many other stations on BZ's Am >1030 freq, along with 
>several 50Kw's notably one in TN and one in FL.
>If the link won't work, let me know because the FCC website is harder to get 
>through than the proverbial Molasses in February (or is it January ;-)
>=&EW=W&size=9">Click here: AM Query Results -- Audio Division (FCC) USA</A>  
The link worked perfectly.  I've used it before by going
thu the fcc.gov hoops.  It's amazing how little interference WBZ-AM
gets with all these stations on-the-air at night.
They must dutifully power-down or go to nighttime
patterns when required to do so!

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