Don Henley on radio

tony schinella
Fri Feb 20 17:19:17 EST 2004

Henley's piece was in the Manchester Union Leader
last week and I thought it was pretty impressive.
Sure, it is kinda crybaby-ish in the sense that
Henley's music has helped to destroy the quality
of radio, IMHO, as stations became categorized
into very specific formats. And, yeah, most radio
stations have used playlists for a long time. But
he is from southern California so he is probably
used to a different type of radio. Weren't there a
whole slew of big FM stations in southern
California that had diverse playlists and DJ
control like some of New England's small freefrom
radio stations? Stuff like Wolfman Jack? I always
hear stories about these stations. Didn't Little
Steven right a book called "FM" about the good
ole' days of FM rock radio?

Tony Schinella

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