A couple of Notes

Paul Hopfgarten paul@03038.com
Fri Feb 20 16:28:28 EST 2004

Actually, the WTTT-CKOC issue was in Derry (about 40 air miles due North
from the Pru), and I guess the CFTR catch on those occasions that I have
caught it are pretty good if they null to the east.

Contoocook is a neighborhood of Hopkinton NH, about 10 miles due west of
Concord NH.

-Paul Hopfgarten
-East Derry NH

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Can't answer any of your questions and I don't know where Contoocook is, but
hearing WTTT in New Hampshire, especially if Contoocook is north of
Nashua--which I assume it must be--seems to me to be a good catch. 7:45 AM
isn't nighttime, though; had it been night, I'd call it an exceptional
catch; WTTT's night pattern is quite restrictive to the north. As for
CFTR/WRKO and CFRB/WINS, you can't conclude much about 680 from listening to
1010 or vice versa. CFRB's transmitter is southwest of Toronto near the
north shore of Lake Ontraio. Both of CFRB's patterns send a lot of energy to
the east-northeast not too far north of Boston. CFTR's site (as well as
590's and 640's) is on the south shore of Lake Ontario, just a little west
of due south of Toronto. The stations in that location have very restrictive
patterns (eight or nine towers each) that send almost all the signal north
across the lake to the metro area. These stations have deep nulls over a
wide arc to the east.

Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
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> I don't know if this is typical, but CKOC (Oldies 1150-Hamilton ON CA) was
> doing considerable battle with WTTT (1150 Boston) after sunrise (7:45 AM
> so)this morning in Derry NH. Should I assume that either A) CKOC went day
> power early, or B) it's nighttime signal points east and it was not yet
> Hamilton Ontario sunrise, or C) another reason?
> Also, Thurs AM I was leaving work in Contoocook NH at 8AM and under WRKO
> some 680 with CBS TOH News. It only lasted the first 3-5 miles South on
> before 'RKO killed it completely.
> Now usually, CFTR is the only interfering station on 680, and that
> interference does not occur every night, but only seems to occur at night
> when it does happen. Does CFTR carry CBS News? Does the 680 in Baltimore
> (WCBM?) which I have never been able to confirm as a pick-up on 680...do
> they carry CBS TOH Headlines?
> In fact, Contoocook seems to be the Southeastern end of the Toronto
> battleground with both CFTR-680 and CFRB-1010 begining to play havoc with
> WRKO, and as you might expect, moreso with 1010WINS.
> Inquiring minds want to know.....
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> -East Derry NH
> Seriously in need of daytime employment!

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