Don Henley on radio

Sean Smyth
Fri Feb 20 12:34:57 EST 2004

Steve O. writes:
> > "Radio stations used to be local and diverse. Deejays 
> programmed their 
> > own shows and developed close relationships with artists. 
> Today radio 
> > stations are centrally programmed by their corporate owners, and 
> > airplay is essentially bought rather than earned."
> > - Eagles frontman DON HENLEY in the op-ed page of the 
> Washington Post
> What planet has he been on for the past 30+ years?  DJs 
> haven't programmed their own music since the 60s.  Do you 
> think Bruce Bradley played what he felt like on WBZ in their 
> Top 40 days?
> Just another celebrity pontificating on a subject he clearly 
> know very little about.

Exactly. I reckon airplay for Mr. Henley's group and solo albums has
been "essentially bought" over the years, as well. 

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