the company that runs WALE Super Max (990-AM) has filed for bankruptcy
Fri Feb 20 09:24:04 EST 2004

Having worked there in '84-'85, I know that there were PCB's in the transformers and some capacitors on the site. At the time, there were two old RCA transmitters in the building; one was an Ampliphase BTA-50G whose high voltage transformers were physically outside the building and filled with oil.  Also, prior to my arrival, the station management wanted to experiment with a chemical (agent orange? :-) to keep the land cleared around the six towers.  Based on the growth, though, I don't think that they ever used much of it.

I did a site inspection for a potential buyer approximtely two years ago...this story doesn't surprise me...the site was deplorable.  I may still have some site pix if anyone is interested.

John Kennedy

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