Garrett Wollman
Fri Feb 20 00:14:14 EST 2004

This is just a reminder from your friendly local moderator.  I'm not
picking on Brian in particular here, but you habitual offenders know
who you are!

When you reply to someone else's post on the list, please do not
repeat DO NOT quote the entire message back at everyone on the list.
Chances are, other people have finished reading that message,
particularly if they are reading the archives or the digest.

<<On Fri, 20 Feb 2004 00:03:51 -0500, "Brian Vita" <> said:

> How do you detune a tower?

[35 lines of Dan Strassberg's reply to Laurence Glavin deleted]
[33 lines of Joe Pappalardo's reply to Scott Fybush deleted]
[14 lines of Laurence's reply to Joe deleted]
[[in that order]]

Essentially, the same way you tune it, except that you do it "wrong",
intentionally, so that instead of being an efficient radiator for the
frequency in question, it is a very inefficient one.  I used to know
enough electronic physics to explain this, and I can't remember the
details (or maybe it's just the hour).


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