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Dan Strassberg
Thu Feb 19 18:41:03 EST 2004

Well, 1540 in Newport RI (only a little further from WPTR than Exeter) is
authorized 3W at night, BUT has just applied for 20 kW nights using a
three-tower DA. 20 kW!!! The nighttime interference-free contour was
calculated at 95.5 mV/m (probably higher than any other US or Canadian
station), so even with 20 kW directional, WADK won't fully cover Newport at
night. And there are other fascinating technical goodies in the application.
WADK's existing tower is half wave. WADK proposes to detune the top half of
it at night to reduce its electrical length to 90 degrees. I assume this is
being done to make it easier to control high-angle radiation, which is
important due to the short spacing to WPTR. That's the first instance I know
of of electrically detuning PART of a tower at night only. Many stations
that don't use certain towers by day or by night detune the unused towers
when they are not in use, but they detune the entire tower--not just the
upper half. And there are probably other stations that detune parts of
towers all of the time, but I've never heard of a station detuning part of a
tower part of the time.

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> >>just certain programs?
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> >>Thanks
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> >>JP
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> >I think those three are 24/7 simulcast now. WTSL 1400 Lebanon NH is 23/7
> >simulcast with WGIR - it breaks off for one hour (9-10 AM weekdays) for
> >local talk.
> >
> >s
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> Isn't AM 1540 a strict daytimer, or does it have
> butterfly-breath nighttime power?
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