Mexican Radio Stations Interfering In U.S.

Scott Fybush
Wed Feb 18 20:13:51 EST 2004

At 08:00 PM 2/18/2004 -0500, Dan Billings wrote:
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> > And the difference between the old-time border blasters (XERF 1570, XEROK
> > 800, XERB 1090, etc.) is that they operated (and still do) on frequencies
> > legally allocated to Mexico by international treaty. The new 560/780/920
>Why are they allowed to do so?  Isn't there a treaty that governs this?

There sure is - a treaty between the US and Mexico that was signed in the 
mid-80s. It's available at the FCC website as a very long PDF; I can post 
the link if anyone's really interested.

The treaty provides a mechanism for complaints to be handled, and that 
procedure is apparently being followed...but it moves very slowly.

I have heard speculation - entirely unconfirmed - that Mexico believes the 
US has breached the treaty by allowing AM IBOC on the air, and this is its 
way of retaliating. I'm not sure I believe that.


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