Mexican Radio Stations Interfering In U.S.

Mission Control
Wed Feb 18 19:19:14 EST 2004

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From: "Laurence Glavin" <>
Date:  Wed, 18 Feb 2004 17:20:44 -0500

>This is news from outside the region (unless some outlet at
>1030 khz powers up) that I heard the other day on Minnesota
>Public Radio's "Marketplace" with David Bron...I mean
>David Brown. 
>Sidebar: this switch of hosts has to rank with the replacement
>of Allen Ludden by Robert Earle on the "G.E. College Bowl"
>TV show, although David Broncaccio didn't die.
>David Brown sounds like his predecessor from voice to
>vocal mannerisms, and unless one heard Broncaccio's 
>farewell show, regular listeners might have missed the succession entirely!

David Brown, for those that might remember, hosted Monitor Radio's daily afternoon news program for 4 or 5 years here in Boston (and then from a closet in his LA apartment). To my ear, he sounds very much the same as he did back then. He had worked at Marketplace for nearly 3 years (as a senior producer) before getting the full-time hosting nod there.

I tend to remember him as a curious, quite (yet quite passionate) fellow, who would eat entire packets of Sweet'N Low brand granulated sugar substitute in the announcer's studio. Hmmm.


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