And you thought the controversy over Janet Jackson was silly!

Dan Billings
Fri Feb 13 19:05:24 EST 2004

Canada's government on Friday condemned a show by U.S. late-night television
host Conan O'Brien that insulted people in French-speaking Quebec and seemed
to suggest everyone in the province was homosexual.

The federal government said O'Brien had gone far too far with the show
broadcast on Thursday in which he went to Quebec, a province which has had
separatist governments for much of the last 20 years and is a delicate
political topic in Canada.

At one point in the show, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog -- a hand puppet that
is a regular on the show -- said to a Quebecer: "You're French, you're
obnoxious and you no speekay English." It told another: "I can smell your
crotch from here."   O'Brien's team were also shown replacing street signs
in the province with those that read "Quebecqueer Street" and "Rue des

We need to do something about Canada,

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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