C-SPAN carriage of Constitutional Convention

Sean Smyth ssmyth@psu.edu
Fri Feb 13 11:18:53 EST 2004

I wrote:
> Garrett writes:
> > Does anyone know when and how the arrangement began for
> > channel 44 to carry the House proceedings?
> House proceedings as in regular House day-to-day business? I 
> seem to recall that starting some time in the late 1980s.

I found this brief Susan B. blurb from the March 8, 1989, Globe:

"Live coverage of the State House of Representatives will resume today
at noon on WGBX (Ch. 44), after being off the air since last November,
according to spokeswoman Barbara Levitov. The program, "Gavel to Gavel,"
is usually on weekdays from 1-5 p.m., but was off the air because of
construction and relocation of the studio at the State House."

I don't remember ever seeing the House affairs before then on TV, but
apparently they were.

Here in Pennsylvania I don't believe they show any working sessions of
the House or Senate on any channels, except maybe for some special
hearings on the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN).

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