Springfield Republican newspaper history

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On 11 Feb 2004 at 1:34, Donna Halper wrote:

> When Samuel Bowles founded The Republican in September 1824, the name
> reflected the editor's support for the young republic, which was still
> considered an experiment in a world dominated by monarchies and tyrannical
> rule. The political party of the same name was not founded until 31 years
> later.
Actually, there were two political parties of that name.  The original "Republican" Party was 
led by Thomas Jefferson and is generally considered the forerunner of the present-day 
Democratic Party.  By 1824, the Federalist Party had vanished and Jefferson's Republican 
Party had split into a number of factions, so that there were four candidates for President 
that year, one of which was called the "National Republicans," which supported John Quincy 
Adams.  Since no candidate got an electoral college majority, the election was thrown into 
the House of Representatives, which eventually elected Adams.  In the 1828 election, Martin 
VanBuren created the Democratic Party by pulling together various factions behind Andrew 

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