The old WNAC-TV--Channel 7

Larry Lovering
Fri Feb 6 13:03:09 EST 2004

Major Mudd was one of my favorites in the early sixties.  He was the source
of much of my "Stooge" watching.  I remember a personal appearance, probably
in 1962, where he came to the Stoneham Theatre and tossed out Tootsie Rolls
to the kids before the "Three Stooges" movie.  I blogged about some of the
Boston personalities last year and found a great response.  There
unfortunately are no web resources dedicated to the memory of Major Mudd.  I
also wrote about Rex Trailer and Pablo, Captain Bob, Bob Emery, Willy
Whistle, the appearance of Santa Claus on WMUR (with snowy reception from
Stoneham, I must have thought Channel 9 was close to the North Pole.)


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	Has anyone mentioned the late great "Major Mudd"?  Wasn't he on the old
	channel 7?  I know he didn't start his career in Boston, but he was
	certainly here for a long while...

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