The old WNAC-TV--Channel 7

Joseph Pappalardo
Thu Feb 5 14:12:13 EST 2004

> The question was not about Channel 7 but about the old WNAC-TV (Channel
> Which of the people you cited began their Boston TV careers on Channel 7
> WHEN IT WAS STILL WNAC-TV and was still owned by General TeleRadio? I
> think all of them. Maybe not even most of them.

I think the only post-WNAC personalities there were:

Mish Michaels, Lavancy, Bill O'Reilley, RD Sahl...and possibly Amalia

The others were indeed all part of WNAC.

> > Let's not forget Chuck Scarborough, Ted O'Brien, Eddie Andelman, John
> > Henning, Mish Michaels, Ron Sanders, Amalia Barreda, Mary Richardson,
> > O'Reilley, Gene Lavanchy, John Dennis, RD Sahl...and HARVEY LEONARD!
> >
> > All got introduced to Boston TV viewers by Channel 7!
> >

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