Old Chart Data

Tony Abruzzese abruzzese@biochem.bumc.bu.edu
Wed Feb 4 10:50:18 EST 2004

Cooper Fox wrote:

>Working on a fairly sizable project that requires me
>to grab old chart data.  Does anyone know where I can
>get old Top40 and HAC charts online?  Even a list of
>the weekly number ones would work.  Thanks!
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Apple's iTunes Store currently has a genre called Charts which are 
playlists based on Billboard's Hot 100 for the year indicated. Songs in 
the itunes library are organized by relative ranking in the event that 
the list is partial.

You do need iTunes, Windows or Mac, to browse the store. The download is 
free from www.apple.com/itunes
You do not need to establish an account to browse and sample the lists.


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