Uncle Charlie's not amused

A. Joseph Ross lawyer@attorneyross.com
Wed Feb 4 01:26:52 EST 2004

On 3 Feb 2004 at 8:51, Sid Schweiger wrote:

> You forget:  This is an election year, and decency on the airwaves is
> something that everyone is for (at least, everyone who wants to keep their
> job as some district's elected representative, if you get my drift).  The
> sight of politicians falling all over each other to harrumph about a naked
> breast is actually funny...or pathetic, I can't decide which...but pirate
> broadcasters and AM stations failing to make mode changes don't energize
> Congress-creatures (and therefore the voters) the way the f-word and a
> naked breast do.
What's really dumb is that nobody complained at all about the lyrics of the song they were 
singing, all about getting naked and having sex.  And, for that matter, nobody complained 
about the bad taste of many of the commercials.

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