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>DATE: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 10:35:07
>From: "Sid Schweiger" <sid@wrko.com>
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>>>Wait a minute, how can the FCC fine the CBS relays for just carrying 
>something?  That's not fair.  They weren't expecting this to happen....<<
>That what I meant by "the ultimate 'gotcha.'"  Theoretically they can fine the stations...it was, by FCC definition, indecent.  Realistically, it would be grossly unfair, and tied up in the courts for quite a while.
>Remember too that CBS, although not regulated as a network, owns TV stations which would be subject to fines too.
An interesting sidebar:  no station carrying the show
had any inkling of what would happen (unless they
read MTV.com I hear) so they  could plead ignorance.
But Monday night, channel 2's "Greater Boston" played the
tape unexpurgated and in unpixelated, in contrast to broadcast
and cable channels that covered the uncovering.
Will WGBH-TV now be subject to an FCC fine because they
CHOSE to air what they knew in advance was potentially
I recall seeing fines levied on public radio stations;  does anyone
recall a PTV station being sanctioned.
(And I wonder if the Friday "Beat the Press" segment
of "Greater Boston" will reprise the unexpurgated
showing when the panel discusses it!)

Laurence Glavin

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