Uncle Charlie's not amused

Sid Schweiger sid@wrko.com
Tue Feb 3 06:26:21 EST 2004

>>Now that the FCC is involved, I wonder who will they fault and fine? CBS bailed out as quick as they could IMHO, but CBS' parent company owns MTV, who put on the halftime festivities. Could the FCC levy fines against Janet Jackson and or Justin Timberlake?<<

The FCC has no direct jurisdiction over CBS, MTV, or the singers.  None of them needs an FCC license to perform their normal daily activities.  IIRC, all they can do is fine any CBS affiliate that carried the half-time show, which would of course be the ultimate "gotcha," since the show was live.

>>Will this fiasco come back to haunt CBS come NFL contract renewal time?<<

Doubtful.  NFL officials have already stated publicly that they will not permit MTV to produce another half-time show, so that is irrelevant to any contract talks.  (Why MTV was producing a show at a family event in the first place is beyond comprehension, but that's another discussion.)

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