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Sid Schweiger
Wed Dec 29 14:04:17 EST 2004

>>I bet Fairbanks sued the company that constructed the towers.
Hurricane or no (wind gusts to maybe 50 mph), when a tower falls so soon
after being completed, there must be a presumption of defective

Nope.  They sued the company that made the epoxy which was supposed to
have waterproofed the guy anchor in the swamp, which was the one that
pulled out of the ground in the high winds.  It turns out the epoxy
mixture was defective and didn't do the job.  No evidence was found that
the tower failed for a reason other than one set of guy wires becoming

Once the west tower fell across the building, we all went across the
street to shelter inside the town incinerator's building, and watched
the east tower doing a dance in the wind...but it never fell, and a
subsequent inspection revealed no problems.  We retensioned the guy
wires, retightened the leg bolts and that was it.

>>was the grounded-base tower skirt fed or shunt fed when pressed into
AM service?<<

I never saw any skirts nor any evidence of mounting points for skirts
on that tower, so I'm assuming that it was shunt-fed before coming down
so that the 1200 towers could go up.  That wasn't something I took care
of back then.  Steve Hnat was the CE and that was his baby.

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