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Sid Schweiger
Wed Dec 29 12:42:17 EST 2004

>>> A DJ working at WVBF, which was still on Mt Wayte Ave at the time,
was hit by the guy wires and thrown across the parking lot,  he was
fortunate that broken ribs were his only injuries.<

Yah, I'm surprised the guy wires didn't slice him in two! Those things
under an incredible amount of tension.<<

I was there for that little event too.  The DJ was Dennis John Cahill,
who suffered from back problems for months after being hit.  The guy
wires had already hit the building before hitting him, releasing most of
the kinetic energy, otherwise he wouldn't have survived.  He was outside
the building, running away from it, when the wire hit him.

I was less than 20 feet from where the tower crashed through the
ceiling of the WKOX air studio.  Scott Gibbons was sitting in the seat
to the left of the console.  He heard it coming and ducked.  If he
hadn't, it would have caved in his head.

When I looked out of the engineering shop window and saw one entire set
of guy wires (the ones anchored in the swamp) flopping in the wind, I
knew it was only a matter of seconds until the tower crashed.  I ran
back toward the studios yelling for everyone to get down.  Thankfully
Dennis' was the only injury.

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