The Answer

Dave Faneuf
Tue Dec 28 22:50:53 EST 2004

Laurence Glavin wrote:
"and yes, on one occasion, during the 
1190 days, the WKOX tower did come tumbling down onto the studio
Actually I worked there at the time and I still have several pieces of
the tower as souvenirs.  
WKOX had already switched to 1200.  And the tower crashed into the
building causing amazing damage.  For some reason, the news director at
the time, Len Mallioux, had moved studio operations out of the main news
studio into another room.  If he had not done that, the tower would have
injured or killed someone since the main force of the tower hit the main
news studio along with the WKOX control room
A DJ working at WVBF, which was still on Mt Wayte Ave at the time, was
hit by the guy wires and thrown across the parking lot,  he was fortunate
that broken ribs were his only injuries.

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