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WKOX lost a tower or maybe two in the 1190 days, but its most spectacular
tower loss occurred right after the two 440' top-loaded towers for 1200 were
constructed--during the late summer of 1985. One of the two brand new towers
(the one closer to the building, I believe) came down in what I believe were
the fringes of a hurricane. WXKS (AM) has also lost two towers. I know that
WRCA has lost two (the first in the early 1960s when the station was still
WCRB (AM)), but Bob Bittner, who worked there at one time, remembers a third
one. I wonder which US AM holds the record for having lost the most towers
due to weather, vandalism, and/or old age. Might be KFAN Minneapolis, which
lost four or five towers of its nine-tower array in one tornado a year or
two ago.

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> On 26 Dec 2004 at 12:20, Laurence Glavin wrote:
> > There are comparatively few stations that have their transmitting
> > towers at the same site as their studio location...WKOX was one of
> > them (I say "WAS" because I presume that these days, there's nobody at
> > 100 Mt. Wayte any more);  and yes, on one occasion, during the 1190
> > days, the WKOX tower did come tumbling down onto the studio facility.
> > Speaking of tower danger areas, Waltham must take the prize locally
> > with two of them:  the office park near the WWZN-AM 1510 towers (there
> > are 4 of them) and a similar office park near the two WRCA-AM 1330
> > towers on South Street.  (They could also affect a nearby FM station
> > whose call letters skip my mind because they don't give them enough!).
> Another is WJIB in Cambridge.
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